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Understanding the Inverse Property

Posted in Glossary on October 1, 2009 by coltswet

There are two types of Inverse Properties. The Inverse Property of Addition and the Inverse Property of Addition.

The Inverse Property of Addition is when you add a number and its opposite resulting in zero. Therefore, in order to understand the Inverse Property of Addition, you must understand a numbers opposite.

Examples)  5 + -5 = 0   or A+ -A= 0

The Inverse Property of Multiplication means to multiply a number by its reciprocal. Therefore, to fully understand this property you must first understand what it means to find the reciprocal of a number.

Examples) 7 * 1/7=1  or A * 1/a=1

Notice that in each example the first term is not written as a fraction, but as a whole number.  I could write 7 as 7/1 as well.



Posted in Glossary on September 23, 2009 by coltswet

Numerical Expression-involves numbers and operations

Variable Expression- involves numbers, letters, and operations

Variable- a letter used to represent an unknown number

Evaluate- to solve an expression

Order of Operations-the process of solving a math problem that involves more than one operation.

Integer-any whole number, does not include fractions.

Reciprocal-to take a fraction and “flip it” upside down. Ex) 5/1 the reciprocal is 1/5.

Opposite- a number that is the exact distance from zero on the other side of a number line. Ex) 5 the opposite is -5