Evaluating Your Own Definitions – Equations/Functions

After looking at several other blog posts, I would not really change my definition for either of my vocabulary words.  My reasoning for this is that in the blogs that I viewed everyone shared the same information that explained that an equation is about balancing two separate sides where an equal sign splits the number sentence into two parts.

The definition that I gave for function was also accurate with others.  We all included the words input and output.  I also noticed however that some classmates did not identify which variable represented the input and output.
I would have students create an equation for other students to solve. Here they would know their input and output before others. They would notice that it is much easier to find only one number value when given only one variable. Then I would have them change their totals to see how their value for the variable changes. Hopefully, they would notice that as one side of the equation changes, the other side must adapt to keep it balanced.


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