Non-Linear Pattern Web Quest

Were there ideas or concepts you were not familiar with? What were they?

Up until this class I have never really researched or looked in-depth about the golden ratio.  I was also not very familiar with the pentagram until doing research and found how important of a role this figure played in a religous aspect. In short, I was not familiar with either concept, which led me to investigate this topic.

What images did you find striking?

File:Bolzani XP Pentacle.JPG

Can you identify any manifestations of nonlinear patterns within your home or your workplace? What are they?

Some of the nonlinear patterns that I have noticed around my home are the seashells that we found at the beach and placed in my daughter’s sandbox.  I also noticed the fake stone that they used on the front of my house as having non-linear patterns as well.

How can you adapt this webquest activity for your classroom?

In my class, I would have to provide visuals of the golden ratio and basically keep it simplified to analyzing a pentagram.  I believe this concept is way too far advanced for middle school students and basically would only stick to using visuals to help students understand non linear patterns.


One Response to “Non-Linear Pattern Web Quest”

  1. Shawn,

    The Golden Ratio is a fascinating topic. I have seen it addressed in different middle school textbooks but at a simplified level. I am sure your students would also find it very interesting!


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