Working with the definition of linear patterns.

Nontraditional patterns are simply patterns that do not follow a repetitive format.

Linear Patterns- A pattern that moves in a straight line and is easy to notice.

Formal Definition of a Linear Pattern- A linear pattern is said to exist when the points examined form a straight line

My definition and the researched formal definition of linear patterns are very similar in the fact that they both mention a straight line.  The word Linear tells us that were evaluating something that is in a straight line.  Pattern tells us that were looking for something that is repetitive.  The only difference that I noticed is that in the formal definition they mention “points”, which I presume they are talking about on a coordinate grid.

I could explain to my students that in order to determine the linear pattern, we must look for the repeated process throughout a graphed line.  We must look at the rise compared to the run of a line that is graphed.


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