My Mathography

I remember when I was in elementary school that math was my favorite subject.  I really enjoyed it because I was impatient and math was able to be done quickly.  I was a very competitive boy and we used to play a game called “Around the World”. I was the kid to beat and often circled around the class for the entire game.  The kids called my the “math wiz”.  It really motivated me to do well.   Once I entered into sixth grade, I was put into a group called the “math league”. Here we began to work on challenging math problems that involved words.  At this point I began to no longer enjoy math as much.

The first thing I learned in math was how to add and subtract.  I remember learning to identify patterns as well.  The way I learned how to do these things was by mostly coloring and drawing.

My favorite teacher of all time was Mrs. Kraybill.  She was my favorite because she was the one who taught me how to play “Around the World”.  I also enjoyed being in her class because she used a lot of competitive things to motivate me as a student.  She also taught in a way that we were able to do group work, which at that time I thought was so we could talk, but now as a teacher I realize it was to share our thoughts and ideas with each other.


One Response to “My Mathography”

  1. Around the world is a great game. I have used in my class with mental math percents and the students really seem to enjoy playing the game. I am also always very surprised by the kids in my class that are super competitive with review games and other games like around the world.

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